Thursday, September 17, 2009

He's here

Video killed the radio star...
And by that I mean, FaceBook has really changed how attentive I am to the blog.

Sorry for those of you that have been on standby...


Our beautiful baby boy was born at 3:27am September 14, 2009.

His name is ML (well of course that's not his name, but his GSO name)

Katy took a long time to dilate, and went on pitocin and by 1:30 am (19 and 1/2 hours after we got to the hospital) was ready to push.

He came out with a gush of blood (sorry about that, honey) and a fat, translucent cord around his neck. He was the gray-blue of old blueberries, and the first Apgar was five. It was several minutes of rubbing and suctioning before he was pink and several more minutes before he made a noise. The 5 minute Apgar was a respectable "9". The plan for me to cut the cord fell by the wayside when I was told to "look away", just missing a smallish geyser of blood as they worked on him before he was completely born.

Katy did amazing. She is a warrior. There was a point when she was pushing (early on) where I had to quell the inner worry wort. "We are screwed," I thought. "I don't' see how anyone does this..." I knew enough to keep it to myself; and after an hour and 10 minutes the unspoken question, "When is it too late to get a c-section?" finally stopped drumming in my mind. At some point, I was like, "Holy shit, she is really going to do this!"

And she did.

ML was 9lbs even, 22" long. He is really amazing and adorable and latched on within an hour. Big brother, JB is unsure and a little more whiny than usual, but seems to be thrilled to get to hold him.

Pics to follow. Now we march down into a few weeks of sleeplessness. I crave the intimacy and the "it's all that really matters" of it all.

So relieved, so excited, so blessed, so in love



dl004d said...


Meanwhile: GSO. GSO. Global Sign On? General Spin Orbit? Geostationary Satellite Orbit? Gadolinium Silicate?

dl004d said...

Uh, I figured it out. For a minute, though, I was impressed that you gave him a Gadolinium Silicate name.

Tracy said...

You are the social networking and media expert... How do we get GSO=GinSoaked Olive on the 1st page of google???

That can be your baby gift to me :)

dl004d said...

My business rate is $230 per hour. But for you, I'll throw it in free in exchange for your vote for next Orlops president.

Tracy said...

Glad that the front row seat to all those conventions taught you nothing. Now the sheriff of ORLOP nation can arrest you for trying to buy my vote! You can't be so blatant; you are just supposed to help me gain fame and fortune out of the goodness of your heart; with an innocent desire to see me happy and successful; and then- come election time- you hope that I somehow, magically, feel more trust in you and allegiance toward you than the other candidate(s).

"Quid Pro No"

Now dispense of your business rate, and get to work!

dl004d said...

Yes, ma'am.

To everyone else: Do you see the way Milo's parents talk to me! This election is rigged!

Sarah said...

he's beautiful. wow. scary beginning though. geez!

tamara said...

Hi Katy,Tracy,Jake and the newest,cutest edition Milo. he has Jake's mouth, so very cute.