Tuesday, November 27, 2007

At the end of the summer, I intended to blog about the contrast between my neighbor's lawn and ours. These are the pieces of life that amuse me to no end. I think we are decent neighbors and I think they are quite annoying and strange (not too egotistical of me, right?) Sometime, I'm reminded of all of the ways we must disappoint our neighbors...

One day back in late August, I looked out the window from my perch on the pot and saw this:

Take a closer look...


To be fair, we had just taken down 2 large party tents after the 150 some-odd party-guests lovingly trampled our lawn during Kate-a-palooza.

I Chuckled to myself thinking, "If my lawn-obsessed, extra-car-owning neighbors have this same view, they probably hate us for destroying the perfection in nature that they work endlessly to create." Our "neglected lawn" must make their eyes bleed...

Then, life intervened and I had a baby not in OCTOBER, but in SEPTEMBER. The post never got written. Things have changed a lot in our house in the last few weeks, but for our neighbors, I guess the view is the same:

Our Yard:

Their Yard:

Why am I so thoroughly amused?

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Grand Marnier said...

a) your lawn looks much better now that it's had some rain and time to rest from Kate-a-palooza
b) how many chemicals do you think that they use on their lawn?