Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oh, I'm so behind on the "newletter" situation that I'm distressed about it.

But today we had several "firsts".

The first time JB booted all over himself. We woke up not to the oft heard whining and crying out, but to a happy-sounding boy, "Hi... Hi..." from the room next door. Katy and i both went in at six am and found him covered in a vile-bile smelling smammering of regurgitated food. It was clear by the odor, and the degree of mess that he got sick some time in the middle of the night and just moved out of the stuff to continue his slumber. Even in the am, he was un-phased, but we were a tad repulsed. He and I stripped down and got into the shower which was only part one of the cleansing process. After a third round of baby wash did not eliminate the stank, i filled the tub and sat down with him to commence with an honest-to-god scrubbing.

We then crawled into bed together and slept uncharacteristically late until 8:30 am.

It's pretty good to have gone 16 and 1/2 months without a major barf, but it puts us out of practice. We let him have a little water but he refused breakfast. When he got upgraded to a sippy cup filled with milk, he greedily drank, turning his head 10 minutes later to gulch up a slightly more diluted puddle of the white stuff onto the floor. Poor boo. Then at 10:30, he went down for his second 2 hour nap of the still young day.

JB's been saying please for a week or two now. It started as a barely recognizable "pbbbbbl-z" but now, pretty consistently sounds like, "peaz, peaz, peaz". We've had him signing "thank you" on occasion. Done correctly, "thank you" requires the tips of your fingers to start on your chin (palm facing your neck), then you bring your forearm down 90 degrees, ending in an open-palm position that seems to say "Can you give me five bucks?" When we ask him to say "thank you," (if he's inclined to want to impress us) he will lazily blow a kiss - which is essentially a "thank you" that starts a few centimeters too high. Today, out of the blue, when we asked him to say thank you, he put it out there verbally and with an impressive amount of accuracy for the first time. Something like, "They-k Ooo."

He says toes and shoes much more clearly than before and milk is another new word. The other day my mom left a message on the machine and though he will rarely if ever say her name to her, when he heard her voice from 2 rooms away, JB said as clear as day, "Nana."

JB now has 10 teeth that have poked through his gums. The pattern of sprouting is not scientific or predictable at all... Except for the first four (2 top, 2 bottom) they are not arriving "in order" at all... we never know where to even look for new teeth. Also, these suckers are sharp and I have a new respect for how much it must hurt to have these gums thrashed through to get the choppers out here.

The numbers are the order (to the best of my ability that these teeth cut through.) Numbers 1-4 are not listed because (as I have stated) they came first, but I am purposely vague about this b/c without doing a GSO search for information, I have no idea the order the 4 front teeth appeared in...

Other cute things:
He definitely gets "more". I observed him seeming to remember that he has a way to ask for more kisses today. I kissed him. He laughed. I kissed him some more. He laughed again. I stopped. He waited, expectantly. I got into a conversation with Katy. He looked at me and then at her and then at me again. He then looked down and after a few minutes, his eyes shot up again in a manner that seemed to be like a double-take. He signed "more" pretty emphatically. Since he usually only signs "more" for food-related desires, he caught me a little off-guard.

"More what?" I asked.
He opened his mouth and blew a kiss.
"oh, more kisses?"
He nodded. VFC (very f$%#ing cute).

He knows how to lock the breaks on the high chair and will stop dead in his tracks if he is walking by and notices the little yellow buttons are in the "unlock" position. (OCD much?) These things on the wheels are literally less than 1/2 inch big... the difference between the lock (down) and unlock (up) positions cannot be more than 5 degress, but he will walk by, turn around, and walk over using his right foot to step on the buttons and make them click into the lock position.

Last cuteness of the day that I will post here is that I put him on the treadmill for a few minutes. We were in the basement and he was all, "oooo, oooh, aahhh" pointing and gesturing to the treadmill. So I put it on the lowest spead, 0.5 mph and let him walk on it. I know I'm going to live to regret this later, and some of you are flipping open your phones right now to get the number to DCF, but it was pretty adorable...

I was all over him and careful to make sure if he lost his footing I could scoop him up before he even hit the floor. But I was amazed by his balance and control of his body. He liked walking fast and then stopping so that the treadmill brought him almost to the end. Right when he was about to be spun off, he would start marching faster to get to the front of the conveyor belt. I was a little proud.

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