Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Idle chit chat

The kid has a lot of words now.

This morning he woke and we took him into our bed trying to steal a few extra winks. He cuddled and tossed and turned and then called out into the darkness:
"Eat... cup... milk... apple."

Really? Tell us what you actually want, JB.

I was guilted into peeling the covers back and putting on clothes. As I carried him down to breakfast, i wondered if he had been storing vocabulary up to use on at a this perverse hour; as an ironic backlash from all those times in the last few months his moms responded to his whining with the half-joking, "use your words."

This evening when I picked him up from day care, he was crying. (His mouth is literally a bloody mess between the new teeth and the cheek that he has bitten with those choppers.) I picked him up, packed him up, dried his eyes and got him out of there. He looked at my coat and said in the clearest pronunciation: "zipper". Then he looked at the ground and pointed:

"Down... walk... rocks" (pointing up) "bird... sky... wow... " Then he finished as we approached our vehicle with, "car... in... binki."

These aren't actually sentences, but amazing progress, and Mad communication skillz

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The Indian said...

Not sentences? Are you kidding? Those are entire conversations! Enjoy, by the way, he's never going to shut up now. Go JB!!!!