Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things that fall

Two things happened tonight.

JB dropped a log in the toilet... I'm not sure it was actually his intention, but they were all over him at school today, toileting him every 20-40 minutes. He had a dry diaper all day and tonight when he said, "I gotta go potty," I certainly did not expect anything but pee-pee. He did number one, then I got him re-dressed and he did a funny little jig, and then he said, "I gotta go potty" again. I doubted this, but put him back on the throne. A small amount of urine did come out and then an adult sized log.

(blink. blink. blink)

I know this is gross to write about and I know this is a typical Mom-of-little-kids type story: "Yeah," you're probably thinking, "Your kid defecates. He's a genius. Good for you you. You must be proud enough to talk/write about it all day"

The truth? I'm not really ready for potty training to be my full time job. It requires too much patience and I'm running a tiny bit low on patience right now. But it should be said that JB seems to be (with the help of his teachers at day care, and his TT who he lived with for a week) potty training himself. The funny part is he seemed to know he had to go to the bathroom, but it did not really compute. After he went and we all made a big fuss, he looked in the toilet and then behind him and then between his legs and then back into the toilet. His expression was essentially, "Where the charred-duck did that come from?"

It was really funny.

Then later, while carrying ML down the stairs, I slipped. I mean, holy shit, can I catch a break here. Haven't we had enough go on with him without me endangering both of our lives?!? There was no time to think, but I pulled him into me and hit 3 or 4 stairs with my back and arms like a bumpy, hardwood luge. When the forward, skidding motion stopped, ML was perfectly contained in my arms against my chest and he looked at me for a split second before the 40 seconds of tears.

I've been assured by my wife that he is fine, but uuuggggh. My heart is still not quite right. And my back, well, that's going to be bruised for a few days at least.


Sarah said...

holy crap. literally, and figuratively. Geez you cant catch a break, but at least ML is OK.Here's me hoping you and your brood can catch one of those illusive breaks, and that you can always be lucky enough to catch yourself. Nice save Mama. Nice save indeed.

Michelle said...

Pooping is totally a big deal!!! And, the fact that you're not all focused and stressed and all "must potty train now!" will probably make it go faster. Good luck with that, and try to stay on your feet!