Friday, June 11, 2010

Making a 2 year old play "Taboo"

Katy is walking JB out this AM thru the garage where our garbage cans are stored in this humid weather.

JB: (imitating the tone of a 13 year old who is disgusted by the conditions of his free room and board...) It STINKS!

Katy: (alarmed by his tone) That is not how we say it.

JB: (a sweetly spoken explanation) When I put my nose in the air, it didn't smell good.


Because he communicates so well, I do think we are a little hard on him. I think he is just starting to use words and doesn't really understand about "tone" or sounding rude or harsh... Yet, that's our job, to teach him manners. We can't let him learn the words and speak however he wants and then in a few months or years try to teach him inflection separately...

Still, sometimes he must really be thinking, "These fishes got a lot of rules."

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Anonymous said...

Love it. He is just telling you like it is. Maya was picking up her puzzle the other day and said in an innocent tone, "why should i do this when you guys can clean this up"? seriously...where do these kids get this stuff? - Jamie