Tuesday, October 05, 2010

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Blog abandonment... I know.

Thing is, I owe both my boys Letters... Those monthly letters that used to come so dependably, and I haven't written them for several months. And the photos... my Lord, the photos we haven't posted... These boys are gorgeous and photogenic and cute and animated... And deciding which photos to post is even more intimidating than worrying that I am not making time to write the words.

So, that's the disclaimer.

But there are other things on my mind these last several weeks.
And I guess these have to come first. They are different kinds of love letters to my boys- updates on what has been going on in our world. October is always a complicated month for me and now, September is just BUSY: All the things that make our family what it is- are celebrated in September: two boys have birthdays and the mom's have anniversaries (yes, plural).

With the autumn as a backdrop, the things happening outside of our house have made me need to take time to think, have made it a little harder to get up out of bed in the morning, and have made me exhausted to the point of wanting to stay a little numb after I get these kids off to bed at night.

First of all, my gram had a stroke 2 weeks ago. She's better, but shaken and not quite herself and most worrisome of all, she's scared (hopefully temporarily) out of the positivity and stoicism that I identify her by.

Next, the trial: There will be way more about this... I have a lot to say about this, but the trial has been going on and the verdict was handed down today. Guilty on 16 of 17 counts. Eligible for the death penalty. I guess we are glad for these results, but still heart sick.

Also, this has seeped into my consciousness, because it is relevant for all parents (and especially as a lesbian mom) and because it is so tragic: At least 5 times in the last 2 months, there have been national stories of teenagers committing suicide. They have become national stories because the kids were bullied, targeted, and harassed because they were gay or perceived as gay, and because for the most part, the parents, friends and communities of those children have spoken out after their deaths to say- we complained about the bullying but no one did anything to stop it.

I have a lot of writing to do... hope you will follow, encourage, and stay with me... I miss attending to the GSO.

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