Monday, November 15, 2010

JB's newsletter (cont)

You are our little Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde right now. Just about 50% of the time you are the model of a mature-beyond-your-years toddler, compete with pithy commentary, dreamy but sophisticated language, and childlike wonder. Today you asked if we could "move this toy to a new area". You call out to the moon in 2 languages ("La Luna!") whenever you see it in the sky. You have mastered the "I have an idea mom..." strategy of countering our mandates and when we tell you you can't do something.

The flip side is this is an intense period of whining, testing, and learning that the word "NO" doesn't only have to only be accepted quietly, but can be directed back at your parents...

This is you kissing your brother on his birthday... you are the greatest, most patient big bro.

Chocolate face!!!

You at dance class:

You playing football:

You with a sourpuss on at Halloween...

With your buddy at the halloween party at school:

Enjoying your birthday gift from TT and Uncle Bill:

Climbing a mountain during a hike:

I love this shot! It's all about the Italian bread...

We love you so much, baby big boy!!!

love, Mommy and Mama

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