Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The great state of Texas

I'm on a trip to San Antonio to attend a work-related conference.

I like to get out into the world and see things and people. It's especially fun to do it in such a way that "sightseeing" is secondary to the "J-O-B" that is funding the trip. There is not a lot of pressure to see or DO IT ALL on these types of trips; doing or seeing a few small things will suffice.

And even though it is strange to be "alone" in an unfamiliar place, the voyeur in me relishes the people-watching opportunities the circumstance provides. It would be truly creepy to do this at home, but on this trip I got to shut my mouth and just watch people, without judgment, without agenda.

When I landed in Texas on Tuesday at around 4pm, I got my ass to the taxi stand, checked into the hotel, changed my clothes and "raced" on foot to the Alamo. I stopped at this place:

It was full of collectibles for adults:

And some for small children:

Also, there were a few stuffed animals:

Then I arrived at the Alamo, I was excited, about to check this off the "list of things to do in San Antonio if you are able". I snapped a photo:

When I stepped inside, I was staring in my own personal Chevy Chase/ National Lampoon's vacation movie. The park ranger announced less than 40 seconds after my arrival, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Alamo is now closed... Please make your way to the exit." The timing of it made me lol.

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Sarah said...

How nice they have pink guns. And that Alamo experience is similar to mine. I was assigned to a unit in San Antonio for a summer for military training and we took a trip to the Alamo. I was underwhelmed by it, I have to say, but I was young and cocky at the time.