Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tonight I'm gonna try something new...

Tonight, I'm gonna go to bed early and wake up early tomorrow morning...

That will be new.

This week, I have been staying up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late.

I am really swamped at work and overwhelmed and coming home and working more- late into the night from the lap top. I've been neglecting my blog, and I have a lot to say.

This weekend, I am going to get back on it, but until then, a few visuals:

1) The boys seem to us to be getting so big... Every day, we look at them and think, "You are so long, you have grown so!" But look at them here, they look so teeny-tiny:

2) JB has never met a meatball he doesn't like, but a sandwich lover he is NOT. This breaks my heart a little. I love a sandwich like Joey from Friends. It doesn't matter what I'm eating, I prefer it smooched between 2 pieces of bread. Every time he refuses a sandwich, or pulls the meat off of bread, I feel a little betrayed. This here was one of my proudest moments as a parent:

I know he looks confused and/or miserable, but he really enjoyed it, trust me...
(This is partially, but not completely "wishful thinking".)

3) ML looking happy, refusing dinner per his usual, daily routine:

4) Another great "it gets better video" from the You Tube channel started by Dan Savage... These are apple employees (hat tip, Adam):

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