Sunday, June 16, 2013

Conversations about Father's Day.

Jake: (Nearly immediately after waking up) Is today a school day? Or a home day?
Me: It's Sunday. A home day.
Jake: Wait, is today Father's Day?
Me: Yes.
Jake: I don't have to celebrate anything today because I don't have any fathers.
Me: True. but we will try to celebrate your papa and your grandpa, because they are Mommy and Mama's fathers.
Jake: Yeah, i have grandpas but no dad.
Me: How does that make you feel?
Jake: What do you mean?
Me: Does that make you sad? Or anything like that?
J: I guess a little.
Me: it might happen sometimes, where even though you feel lucky to have two moms, you also feel sad that you don't have a dad. Having two moms is something cool, that not a lot of people have, but having a dad is something cool that most people have.
Jake: Yeah... Oh, Look! I see one of those balls that you put in your shoes to keep them from smelling bad!
Me: Oh- That's cool too, I guess.

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