Thursday, October 09, 2008

Look who's talking

Cam Cam, 9 days from her first birthday, has a list of multisyllable words she can say, including: baby, Elmo, alligator... i shit you not.

Jake's really into the sound "o" right now.

But I guess that blows the (already debunked by mac theory) that a binki might "inhibit language skills".

Anyway, with the election 4 weeks away and the economy in the toilet Kt announced from our bed this morning:

"I have 2 messages for the world... One, CamCam can talk. Two everyone needs to take a xanax and chill the fuck out" (NPR music playing in the background.)

When my super-calm, never anxiety-prone wife is telling the world the "c-t-f-out" we might have a national crisis on our hands.

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