Saturday, October 25, 2008

The week in review

Last Sunday, we went to church, finished staging our insanely clean abode for the impending open house, went back to church for the first of 3 "new members" classes we have been trying to take for several years, and then packed several bags to vacate the house for the rest of the day for the (previously mentioned) open house.

We then went for an amazing hike. We were outside in some of the nicest fall weather for just under 2 hours, my sister, bro-in-law, nieces, papa, son, wife and I taking turns carrying and pushing kids, huffing, puffing, resting, taking pictures, and breathing it all in.

Today, katy and I considered that it might have been that hike and that sweaty, breezy, outside time getting our heart rates up just that little bit, spending time in nature with family that prevented us from falling to pieces during the events of the next 5 days.

On my way out the door this past Monday, I got a call from work that JayCo - the credentialing body for our institution was coming for their unannounced survey... They don't tell you they are coming except the morning of their arrival one can find a post on their website revealing who will be surveyed that day. That's how we learned, "JayCo is ON THE WAY!" And so began the 3 day survey we have been anticipating every day since the first of the year. These were days that required my arrival at work in the 7am range and leaving at about 6pm.

On Monday, I came home, bathed the baby, put him to bed and worked until 2 am finishing up a binder of competency trainings I've been "working on" all year. Tuesday, I missed seeing the baby before bed by 10 minutes. But then hit the sack by 9pm.

Wednesday, when it was almost over, Katy got a call from day care to learn that JB had a temp of 101. She cancelled her patients, brought him to the doctor, got him on antibiotics and then we rushed home to host book club.

Thursday had me bringing our sick baby (who could not be sent to day care within 24 hours of a fever) and 3/4 of our house to work with me (ie-stroller, pack and play, portable highchair, 3 bags of food and supplies) for half a day. At the midway point of the morning I realized that JB had a raging rash on his trunk... drug allergy? Not sure, but nervous. I called and by 3pm the kid had been to the pediatrician 2 times in less than 24 hours. (Are we good moms or what?!?) At around the point I was noticing his rash, I got a call that my gram was bleeding in places that she shouldn't and was going to the hospital emergency room.

Yesterday was a full day of work. JB back to day care, but me worried about his health b/c we decided to stay on the antibiotics since it didn't really look like a "drug rash". My sister played the part of super aunt so my mom could go to my gram's bedside and Katy and I could attend the fundraiser that we were committed to, playing supporting roles on the "host committee". (Let's just say, we are really into supporting gay rights).

I'm tired.

But I am lucky as hell.
To have the wife I have.
To have this life.

But I am so tired.

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