Thursday, May 28, 2009

20 months old

You know your colors- all of them... it is freaky-cool.
You love drawing.

You had two weeks of mood swing hell, then we had 3 weeks of adorable bliss...
and then you learned the word MINE...

You are so sweet with kisses and hugs.

You are so cautious on stairs that we know you won't go with out us and we have to encourage you to climb and be daring.

You love standing on a chair to watch us cook

There's a spot of white paint in the corner of our kitchen near the ceiling, on the wood molding. One day you noticed it and said "Eee-u-www."
Then the next day, you were looking for your shoes: "Shoes? mama? mommy? Shoes?" then you walked into the kitchen where they were... you pointed at your shoes and said, "Shoes." Then you pointed at the clock and said, "clock". Then you pointed at the tiny scar of paint and named it, "Eee-u-ww."

You will stop what you are doing to point to that splosh of paint, like you are saying hi to a family pet whose was named after the noise you make when you encounter something disgusting "Eee-u-ww."

You have some kind of strange accent (that is adorable): pen... paper (sounds like peen, paypurr)
You count to 10- no problem and sometimes go a little higher

You have memorized the months of the year... I learned this when I was bragging that your cousin, Cameron knew them, and when I was trying to show her off, you piped in and named them too.

You officially eat everything - We let you eat whatever we eat except we have avoided giving you bacon and hot dogs. (You'll probably hate us for holding out on you in this department, but trust us once you have bacon, all other healthier foods will be ruined.)

You have the ability to literally bring grand parents to tears with your patented "2-handed-kiss" Where you put both your little hands on either side of their face and pull them toward you for a wet smooch on the lips...

You are a doll! and we love you,
Mommy and Mama

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