Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our growing bookworm

JB's becoming quite the word-smith (and lover of books)... This is how he fell asleep last night. He wanted the books in the bed with him. And in the morning, resisted the normal "cuddling ritual" to sit in there with his books a while longer. He knows a LOT of words... Katy and i estimate 150: lots of body parts, lots of animals, lots of totally random nouns pictured in all these children's books we own.

On the way home from school today, it was like he couldn't contain all the words inside himself. He was just ooohing and aaahhing and pointing and bubbling over with excitment: truck, bus, green, go, shoe, tree, hoop, car, another one, two, three, more, digger, hair, bird, another one, puppy, nana, mama, chin, foot, thumb, pointer, pinkie, 'Kenzie, Cammy, TT, papa, nana, home, stop, wow, sky, up, trees, two, flower. red. stop, nose...

On and on and on. It brought out in me a speechlessness that I could hardly recognize and an utter lack of creative response. I mainly said, "Yeah" to him and/or repeated the word he just said.

I can't believe how quickly he is learning. His verbal pattern in the car had a lot to do with all that he was seeing out of the windows, but also you could just tell the words- the names we have taught him for things that he sees and wears and recognizes just kept "popping" into his head. As if he saw his shoe and then he saw a bird and then he saw his thumb, and with every twitch of his eye, his vocal chords could not contain the impulse his mind was sending to them. He was not performing, he was discussing, conversing, communicating to me all that he was observing.

It was wild and filled me with light.


Michelle said...

He is seriously SO CUTE! (But like I really have to tell you that. Shoot...)

Sarah said...

wow. so cool that he says so much. Our guy "talks" a lot in the car. The words don;t form yet, but the ones that do are so cool. Mostly head and tree. Sometimes dog.Great post!