Saturday, August 29, 2009

photos for 23rd month newsletter

Just too cute!

Even (maybe) cuter

Eating Miso soup

Eating Unagi

Loving Unagi

In Mama's arms on VACATION!


Dells dripping on Mommy's head.

Showing Mommy some love in Newport.

Riding high on Papa's shoulders


Fun with cousins on the beach

Mommy, Mama, JB and (unborn) baby brother

"Happy days"

Gap ad...


Salty kisses

Another Gap ad




Non-posed "cheese"


Thumbs up!

Not afraid to touch the sand this year!

Power washing the house with Mommy

New BIG BOY BED! (making room for brother)

Computer games

Finally driving the girls around.

Mommy's birthday

Picnic in July

Tee ball slugger

Dancing in he rain

In the rocking chair

Art table from the Grannies

Serious ARTIST!

In the garden with Mama

Reading "take me out to the ball game."

Kisses for Mama

Kisses for Mommy

Riding my motorbike

Chillin' on the couch

Playground in Brooklyn

Mommy's Mini- ME

Bubbles in the park

Reunion with Amaya

Finding a Digger! at C-lo and Laura's wedding

Ice cream on the 4th of July

A meeting of the minds

Kisses after the parade

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