Monday, August 17, 2009

T minus 3 weeks and 3 days


We are getting close to the due date. And it has been HOT!!! It was 90+ degrees all week and they are forecasting at least another few days of that weather.

We might have to cut katy's wedding band off. I say "do it now before it gets too purple." But she is hesitant. She is huge. But just huge for katy- swollen limbs and big belly- not huge like the rest of us Americans. She looks amazing and healthy (if you don't look at the ankles, the ankle scream "congestive heart failure") and glowing through all of the heavy breathing.

JB knows something is up and he has started waking up once or twice a night. But I think it's the rollercoaster we are on more than JB's restless nights. We are just exhausted and we put ourselves in the bed at 8:30 pm last night. This morning, I feel so much better than I felt last night and it occurs to me how excited I am for all of these changes. We only have only a few weeks to try and rest before we start up with some "around-the-clock care" of our new baby boy and some mental calculations and logistical adjustments that our new big brother is going to require.

And the grass really needs to be mowed, but that might have to wait until the heat wave breaks.

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Sarah said...

wow. so soon. you must be so excited!!!!!!!!!