Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And now for some political commentary

Words fail me when I try to express how much i despise Joe Lieberman.
IN our house this guy is referred to as "Public Enemy Number ONE"

When he ran for VP of the united states on the democratic ticket in 2000, he simultaneously ran for his senate seat, even though we had a Republican Governor who would have appointed a Republican to his seat if his party won the presidency. Essentially he was saying to his constituents, "I'll have a job no matter what," and to his Democratic supporters, "It doesn't matter to me if we win or lose the white house (I"ll have a job either way)."

Then in 2006, after he promised he would abide by the results of the democratic primary race, he didn't...
running as an independent even though the Democratic candidate beat him in the run0ff...

At the time, when I wrote this little ditty to express my feelings about him, I had no idea how much worse things would get for his and my relationship. I did not know for example, that he would address the Republican national convention, or that he would stump for and endorse John McCain in the 2008 election. [Though i guess i should have seen it coming because he owed his seat to Republicans in the 2006 election.]

I knew that he would lie about what a majority of Americans want (real health care reform). But I had no idea that he would hold health care reform down on a pool table while Republican senators took turns hostage in such a hostile manner.

I had no idea that I could feel more contempt than I did back in those days... I was so naive.

Holy Joe, I hardly knew you...


Sarah said...

i feel almost exactly the same about joe. ugh.

C-LO said...

Check out this video my puppeteer friend made:

Liberman is a Douche.