Sunday, December 20, 2009

Human Nature

We got about 8 to 10 inches of snow overnight...
AWESOME, except that our driveway is about 3 times as big as our old driveway. I couldn't do the whole thing and had to ask the Mrs. for assistance.

This is good timing, not only b/c we'll have snow for Christmas, but because JB is plow- obsessed right now. When the plow came, he stared dumbfounded for a while and then abandoned his zen-toddler-state:

"Mommy, he be gone soon?"

Apparently this thing I try to teach myself- to be here now and not worry about the other shoe dropping in the middle of both shoes flying high in the air- is a far deeper obstacle that I can imagine.

I told JB that the plow would leave soon, but not for several minutes. He returned to silent awe, then he told me:

"I want 2 plows... not one, two... not three"

I couldn't follow at first, but then I realized he was still worried about plow#1 leaving and some derivative of the following must have occurred to him: "If one plow is this blissful... two would be amazing... Must. keep. plows. in. my. view."

When the plow left, we waved him goodbye and wished him well and JB turned to me with 2 extended fingers and said, "I want 2 plows." I thought to myself,
"Don't we all son, don't we all."

About 10 minutes later, another plow came by. I scooped him up dramatically and ran to the window, somewhat excited that it would seem to him I had made his wish a reality.

A microsecond later, the plow not yet to our house, he turned and said, "I want three, Mommy."


June said...

publishable, ever Tracy

Nina Lentini said...

Wonderful commentary, Tracy. I so enjoy your writing!

Tracy said...

Thanks, ladies... I so appreciate the positive reinforcement!

Sarah said...

i agree. publishable. This is the essence of the toddler though. I wish they could all talk. this is just what theyd say if they could.