Saturday, January 02, 2010

Blog abandonment

Yes, we are still alive...

We've had house guests and family visiting since the 19th. The new home is housing this mayhem and merriment swimmingly. The boys and their beds have been moved several times with very few negative effects. At the busiest (Christmas) there were 9 of us here; the four
of us (kt, JB, ML, and me) all in our room.

Kt's dad (g'pa) came the sat before Christmas (19th) thru the 26th. "The grannies" arrived on the 23rd with Kt's brother, Josh, and his fiancé, Linda. J and L left with g'pa. The grannies are here for 2 more weeks to help us keep ML out of day care a little longer.

Kt started back to work last Monday. Originally, she wasn't going to go back until Next week, but a slow start has it's benefits. Plus, she got pd for 5 days, but only had to work 2.75 days. It's a mountain of madness to fall back into., but she's handling it well. It has been a crazy time but by now, I think we are getting used to crazy times. I have a lot to blog about, but not a lot of awake time that isn't consumed by my desire to suck the marrow out of these precious times with these adorable boys. I've been lucky too to spend some time with good peeps and also catching up on some movies and HBO.

Thank you to all GSO readers. You have been an amazing source of support to us in 2009. Thank u for being a part of our extended family.

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Sarah said...

you dont blog every day, but when you blog, its inspired Really. I love reading your blog!

Tracy said...

Thank you! I appreciate that you are reading!