Saturday, January 09, 2010

The (tiny) Godfather

For about a 1/2 a year, we have been getting JB to lend us his ear by telling him, "I have a secret I want to tell you."

We tell him we have a secret and he brings his ear dutifully near the secret-bearer's mouth.

Then one of his moms whispers the secret: "I love you."

His response varies.
Sometimes, he giggles and says, "No, mommy."
Sometimes he nods and says, "yeah."
Sometimes he thrills us with a return whisper: "I love you too."

We've done it over and over again and sometimes he even tells us the secret unprompted.

Tonight, JB told his brother, "ML, I have a secret I want to tell you..."

I wasn't there, but Katy told me... She waited, excitedly. She smiled at the adorableness she knew she was about to witness...

JB leaned his lips close to his 4 month old brother's ear and whispered:

"Big. Brother."

(Baaaaaaaahahahah ahhahahahhahahhaha.)

Not exactly sure his point, but it seemed like it might have been some kind of warning.

UPDATE: He's done it a few more times now, and the secret JB seems to be whispering is:
"I'm your big brother."

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Grand Marnier said...

Awesome. Get this on video.