Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Holy worst-night-of-sleep EVER, Batman

It was a sinus-y, drippy, achy, restless, "my-son-is-having-surgery tomorrow, so I'm not going to properly medicate myself" attempt at slumber; punctuated by ML's Q2hour "please pop my binki back in" whimper, and JB's Q3hour "I'm coughing, I need water, WHAT DOES IT MEAN I'M GOING TO THE HOSPITAL?!?" restlessness.

1/2 way through the 5 hours I allotted myself to lay down, I remembered some ? urban legend about Vick's Vapor rub as a conductor of electricity that may cause fire if an EKG machine or defibrillator is used on someone that has used Vick's Vapor rub... What is that? Is that from ER in the 90s? Did I make this up? GSO readers, please respond!

My alarm was set for 4:18, but at 3:50am, I just couldn't take it anymore.

I've popped the Tylenol sinus, am going to have some tea, a light breakfast before the boy (who is not supposed to eat anything) wakes up. Then I'll check on the laundry, the (sort of) packed bag, Katy, and then wake JB so we both can have a hot, hot shower together to loosen up the mucus.

He's going in for ear tubes, tonsillectomy, and adnoidectomy. We expect to be there about 26 or 28 hours and then back home. There's a one week moratorium on school, and a 2 week moratorium on "physical activity"... That should be fun with a 2.33 year old :)

We've been telling them all week that he is sick with a cough and a drippy, messy thing. They haven't seemed too worried. This attention to keeping his providers informed has led him to 2 pediatrician visits in 5 days. I guess there's a chance they will look at him, hear his lungs, and/or decide that they can't do the surgery, but hopefully we can get this over with.

AS FOR ME, if anyone asks, IT'S ALLERGIES!!! IT's ALLERGIES, and if it looks worse than that, I'VE BEEN CRYING- A LOT!!! I know they don't want anyone even the least bit sick at this hospital. But I promise to be all Sudefeded up and never cough except into an article of my clothing and stay hidden in his room... I just couldn't not be there. I think I would ache and cramp and pace to DEATH if I couldn't be there.

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