Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The kind of snow I love

It snowed last night and until about 8pm tonight.

It snowed 2-3 times more than it did last week when the entire state was shut down... But nothing was shut down. The commute home was a little messy. But JB got to "hunt" plows- which is what we call it when he scans the roads and shouts, "PLOW" every time he sees one; and when he stops and asks, "What's that noise?" after he hears anything in the distance that could be even remotely compared to a plow.

This is the kind of snow I love- fluffy, light, but with snowball/sticky properties. The kind that sticks to every branch of the trees; winter-wonderland-esque. Truly beautiful and amazing- the kind of snow that makes you want to take your kid sledding- if he weren't afraid and crying anytime he accidentally touches the stuff...

In a related story, our driveway is HUGE! 9 inches of fluffy-sticky snow is (well let's just leave it at) a lot! I was out there for 2 hours and the "heartbreak" (that's what we call the chunky, heavy snow excrement that the plows dump where the driveway meets the road) nearly killed me. For the last 15 minutes, the only think that kept me from leaving a snow barricade at the end of the driveway was hearing myself shout, "LAST CHANCE WORKOUT" every few minutes as if Jillian Michaels was telling me I couldn't give up and go in...

I was not impressed with the neighbors... 2 guys out with their snow blowers took 20 minutes of their lives to clean up their driveways while I was almost dying- approaching the 90 minute mark with my shovel. There was no offer of assistance with the heavy snow... Maybe they didn't see me. Or they thought I had a snow blower since I was throwing the snow so high and so expertly. Or they didn't hear me grunting and sniffling (possibly over the sound of their own whistling).


Anonymous said...

So Tracy, This is not a comment on the winter weather, but you may not have had a chance or any interest in the Tiger Woods apology , but as someone whom I respect their take on things ...listen to it and tell me what you honestly think. Cool, thnaks, B

Tracy said...

I've been following this story a little. I didn't hear his apology until now (until you asked me to and i pulled it up on you tube.)

Frankly, I was bored. I don't get why everyone is so shocked and surprised. This guy is an extremely wealthy athlete. Holy god the offers must have been flying at him.

The same rules do not apply to him... it's easy for most of us to say, "what was he thinking?!?" Most of us will never EVER be in the financial or social position he was in...

I mean, the "is he a good guy or is he a dick" standard is probably the same for Tiger as any joe schmoe on the street. But it turns out (surprise, surprise) he's a dick. Big deal.

I really can't believe he lost sponsorships over this.

So my opinions:

1) The apology itself was sad and boring. (And poorly written.)

2) I wish he didn't look so much like the president- i feel this is somehow hurting Obama.

3) Why do people care more about this than about what John TOTAL-DICK Edwards did WHILE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?!?

4) I think Tiger did the "right thing" politically and professionally, by making this statement of apology to the press, but I can't believe that's what the public needs; that that is what he has to do to be able to play golf again at some point.

5) Who are the people that didn't see this coming? That someone "like Tiger Woods" could cheat on his wife with high class hookers and women who really want to sleep with super stars?!?

6) I respect a man who takes responsibility for his actions, but this seemed very formulaic.

7) I really don't care... To me, Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer... Maybe if he stops sleeping with women outside of his marriage, his golf game would go down the toilet... Is that really better for everyone?!? I don't know why I feel this way. If he had been accused of rape or abusing his wife, or any of these other women, I would be really disgusted and enraged, but I guess i just see this as something that really is nobody's business but his wife's.