Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Words to live by

My friend- Laurie's dad died a year ago today.
She shared with me an email she sent to her siblings this morning asking them to join her in visiting memories of their dad and the things they learned from him.

Here's her list:

- Always root for the underdog, “Go Saints!”
- Be proud of driving an old car
- Dress conservatively while you act radically
- Make a contribution to the world
- Change the world for the better
- Believe in science
- Human beings are flawed but we still love them
- Strive to find out what makes people “tick”

It touched me, this list.
Each are things I want to teach my kids.
Each are things I'm proud to have been taught along the way.
RIP, Wagner - still touching the lives of people that never even met you.

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