Sunday, March 21, 2010

Politics as (un)usual

Dear Obstructionists: Claiming this watered-down bill is a "GOVERNMENT TAKE-OVER OF HEALTH CARE" is about as accurate as saying that parents who buy sunscreen for their children are "TAKING OVER THE SOLAR SYSTEM"

I'm watching CSPAN. I can't believe all the antics...
I wish there were lie detector tests so you could see if they actually BELIEVE the lies they tell.
Also, there should be immediate fact checking based on data... it is weird how you can re-write history in a statement on the floor of the house of representatives and it simply goes, uncorrected into the record.

I hope this thing passes.
I also hope I can get my sorry A$$ to bed soon...
(It's like a car accident, I can't look away.)


Michelle said...

Ha! That first part is so funny that I want to steal it for my facebook status and make people think I made it up so they totally think I'm funny and smart!!

Tracy said...

It was the FB status update that I wrote last Friday.

Use at will, Michelle...
Maybe it can be one of those, "If you agree with this, copy and paste it..." status updates


cardboard-dream said...

I just saw it on Michelle's status, and asked if she could point me to the author. Brilliantly funny. I'm collecting my favorite health care reform quotes and composing them into one unified post. So far this is one of my favorites.