Monday, February 28, 2011

Conversations with Kids

JB: (Watching a you tube video of the 747 that has a space shuttle strapped to it's back) Mommy, are the wheels down for landing?
Me: yes... see? (I point to the wheels)
JB: Mommy, do you know why helicopters don't need run ways or landing strips?
Me: why?
JB: Because the blades on the helicopter lift them straight up and down, they don't need runways.


[After several more exchanges like the one above]
Me: you are very smart. Who teaches you all these smart things?
JB: Mama.
Me: Just Mama? Anyone else?
JB: um... Grandpa, and Mama... and Nana. That's the only people that I can think of that teaches me things.
Me: oh...


JB: (Acting like a radio personality with a pair of "sony walkman style" headphones on. He has tied the plug end to the refigerator so that he is "plugged in".) Who can tell me what it is when an animal sleeps in the winter time- all through the winter???

[Katy and I put our hands in the air like competing teacher's pets]

JB: Mommy, you say it... Your turn- you say what it is to sleep in the wintertime?

Me: Hibernation. When an animal sleeps during the winter, that is called hibernation. (JB nods, encouragingly) Yes... now mama's turn: (He puts his hand up at me to be sure I understand this question is off limits to me) What is it if an animal is awake in the nighttime and sleeps at the daytime??? Mama? Do you know?

Katy: NOCTURNAL! (JB nodding excitedly) When an animal sleeps during the day and is up at night s/he is nocturnal!

JB: Good job, mommy and mama!!!

(go to commercial, Ryan Seacrest)


MamaDanaMunga said...

Clearly Mama AND Mommy are great teachers!

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