Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day pics

We bought our boys love-themed t-shirts for V-Day.
I barely remembered to take photos this AM, but it caused more chaos than one would think:

ML- 17 months old TODAY.
He is modeling his "All you need is love" T-shirt.
He's got his morning face on, hair is high, and he doesn't like it one bit that I am holding an iphone and he is not.

JB- spelling out his "M-O-M" shirt for the camera...

Last week when he was wearing it, he told me,
"That says 'Mom'. It's not for you, it's for Mama."
"Thanks for the clarification," I replied dryly. And then, "You know, you don't have to pick. The 'Mom' on your shirt could stand for both of us... for Mama AND for Mommy."
Allowing this concession: "Okay, it can be for both of you."
"Thanks." (eye roll)

JB, putting his arms out as his little brother runs to him.

Heart-bendingly adorable display of brotherly love.

ML (backed up by JB) allowing a pic to be taken because he can see himself in the frame. Note the upper lip wound he sustained in the driveway last week.

It seems like he's smiling here, but he's in the middle of a fit related to me holding an electronic device.

And this is how every photo session ends these days, with one or both of them screaming and crying because they want to control the camera!

But can you believe how big they are getting? And they are so (mostly) sweet, that I have to work every day not to EAT them up!!!

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