Sunday, April 04, 2010

ML's church dedication

Today was not only Easter, but also ML's church dedication.

We belong to a UU that we love that I've written about here.

The dedication is a variation on "Baptism" but instead of washing away the sins of all humanity to make your baby pure, we really stick to focusing on welcoming the child into the church and a promise from the congregation to be there for the child and the family of the child...

We lit the chalice:

Well, JB would tell you that HE lit the chalice...

(Stop looking at my chest, ya'll!!!)

It is a really sweet ceremony and whenever we watch (from the pews) a family act out this ritual, we get kind of choked up. Today was no different from this side of the event.

It was a good excuse to dress these adorable kids up in their "Sunday best"... and man were they cute...

To be clear, there are more pics of JB b/c we were all dying about how cute his suit was, and ML had just woken up and wasn't really interested in getting his picture taken.

Cam and Mac = beautiful!

All four cousins!!!

We then hosted Easter dinner for 16 adults/Teens and 6 kids age four or younger. It turned out to be an amazing day. The weather was as close to heaven as you can get this time of year. It was sunny, about 70 degrees F with a cool breeze. There was an Easter egg hunt (which ML slept through).


and a chance to dress in more casual wear:

We had surf and turf (mom brought the baked stuffed shrimp, and I roasted a filet loin on the grill. I was worried about how it would come out, but it was DEE-lish-ous!!! Having the chance to use the indoors and the outdoors, made things very simple in terms of space and having plenty of seating and the ability to SPREAD OUT and enjoy the weather and the party.

Our guests were very complimentary and very helpful and in general it was just wonderful!

ML took 2 substantial naps- he was tuckered out from being the center of attention this AM. JB did NOT take ANY naps except the 20 minutes he slept on the way home from church. Somehow with him we averted disaster in term of a napless melt down.

You are super cute, little boy... Congratulations on your big day!!!

Oh, the PEEPS dessert is here!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful day you look to have had. Quincy and I had a whole discussion in the car on the way to school this morning where he told me that all the "holiday guys" know each other, especially santa and the easter bunny. Kids definitely make life worth it.