Thursday, April 29, 2010

When will Mommy learn?!?

Today for the 137,682nd time since he was born, JB properly identified some type of construction vehicle that was about to pass us on the road...

Me: You see a fork lift? Where?
JB: (pointing) Right THERE!
M: I only see a flat bed truck... (staring closely to see why he is
calling the on-coming flat bed truck a "fork lift")
JB: (insistent) NO, Fork lift
M: (still looking) Are you being silly? I don't see a fork-lift...

I turn my head as it passes us in the lane of oncoming traffic and then i finally see the small-ish fork lift being transported on the flat bed truck...

M: oh there it is... (eye roll)

I hope this translates to good proof-reading skills someday...
But really, after all the times it has happened- all the times I have been proven wrong, you think i would just stop trying to "teach" him and let him point out the trucks he sees 2 miles down the road in peace...

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