Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We interrupt this blissful life...

To report the most annoying, rhythmic chirping coming from the swampy woods behind our house. I don't know what creature is creating this noise, but it has been going on for 2 days now. Katy thinks it is a bird. But I've never heard of birds up all night, sounding a piercing, chirping alarm.

I've heard crickets and frogs and locusts and this sound is nothing like those. Imagine your smoke detector battery is dying and the thing starts to chirp in warning. But LOUDER... You are NOT IMAGINING IT LOUD ENOUGH! And you are imagining the noise IN your house, but you should be imagining it THROUGH the WINDOWS... somewhere out in the woods.

Also, it goes on and on and there is no option to get up and just change the EFFING battery!

Does anyone know what this is?!?
I need to identify it so that my fantasies of killing it can be more realistic and detailed.

To get away from the noise, I've joined my lovely wife on the couch in front of the woman's NCAA National Basketball championship game. If you know me, you understand this is a measure of last resort. Generally (excepting baseball, golf, and major playoff games) televised sports make me irritable, this is Katy's department. Since my Alma Mater is on the court, and since it actually is a championship game (which qualifies as a "major playoff game") I'm happy to be involved in the spectator-ship. Amazingly, it is a close game- Uconn is undefeated this season and no final score was within double digits.

Katy (and I) like a close game... but she is NOT happy that the scores are so low: with 11:24 left to play, Stanford 25 Uconn 29. They are missing a lot of shots and while there is a case to be made that a low-scoring game means excellent defense; the broadcast seems to be revealing a poor shooting percentage.

I'm gonna go Google "Chirping bird noises at night" now...

UPDATE: 10:30pm:
Still no word on the "bird"
And Uconn won the game 53 to 47
With two consecutive perfect seasons, it is easy to become cynical and say "they have it easy... someone should be able to take them out/down". I'm not accustomed to routing for the top dog- I'm an underdog kind of girl... But these are young women 17-22 years old, and they work their asses off year round. They have sought and worked hard for this perfection... as easy as they made it look, it wasn't handed to them. So good for you BIG BLUE.
Here's a toast to the University of Connecticut, where men are men and women are champions.


Kate said...

Could it be peepers? Those small frogs that sound like a young chick except the note rises at the end? KT would have heard them up in NH at night during our wedding weekend - they were really loud!

Tracy said...

Katy says it is not a frog... that was my first diagnosis, but I've heard peepers before, i have never heard ONE LOUD PEEP over and over.

It's like this guys whole colony was wiped out and he is standing by all the dead bodies PEEPING his grief out into the night.

(That's pretty creepy, i guess)

Anonymous said...

is it the neighbor's fire alarm loosing batteries but they are out of town?