Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last night, Nana and I picked up the girls, fed them, and put them to bed because Mommy was out of town, and Daddy was working late. The babies (JB and Cam) went down first, and Mac was very sweet and listening well as I was trying to get her to bed without any crying or screaming that would wake the kids.

"Let's go brush your teeth," I whispered

"Okay." she responded quietly. We put tooth gel on her brush and she brushed for about 30 seconds and then offered me the brush, "Your turn."

"My turn?" I took the brush and pretended to polish my pearly whites.

"No silly," Mac giggled, "You brush my teeth, TT."

"Oh." I was glad I was awake enough to not have actually put the brush in my mouth! It was a page out of Amelia Bedelia.

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Anonymous said...

I ADORE Amelia Bedelia, and just reading her name has now made my day. The story was quite cute too really, but I now have images of Amelia running away with third base and hanging up lampshades or lightbulbs on the clothesline (i can't remember which), so thank you.
a (-: