Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hissy fit #927

They are changing the kid's schedule at day care. To move into the one year old room, they need to take only one nap per day and eat once with 2 "snacks". For three days now JB's done it. They "keep him awake" through his normal AM nap and then put him down after an 11am lunch. He sleeps from about 11:30 until 2pm.

Tonight, after a get-home-at-6pm-and-immediately-eat dinner, JB played for about 15 minutes and then crawled up the stairs into the bathroom, with me chasing right behind.

It almost seemed like a "PUT.ME.IN.THE.TUB.RIGHT.NOW." march, but he made a detour to play "open-and-close" with doors and drawers in the vanity. He doesn't understand about handles and slammed his knuckles several times without any yelps or hint that he'd experienced a modicum of pain.

When I put him in the tub, he grew very upset with me for stopping him from pouring water down his own mouth. I was merely attempting to prevent the subsequent cascade of coughing and choking. And so i distracted him with a toothbrush for his 2 enormous top teeth and his two tiny bottom ones. He liked this and "brushed" for a few minutes and then began to brush the toys and the tub, etc. All hell broke loose when I tried to get the dang toothbrush back. He screamed and cried until I took him out of the tub; throughout the dressing and diapering procedures; until he got a few sips of milk and demanded with his slumped-over head to be put into his crib.

I imagine it was at that toothbrush-extracting moment in the tub that the exhaustion of the day overtook him and he just broke down, but I swear it looked for all the world like he thought he was in charge around here.

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