Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The terrible "Ones"???

JB has turned a corner...

Our little contented angel is gone. He's showing all the signs of stubborn defiance, irrational opinions, and frustrated contempt.

He's developed a 6th sense for the forbidden:
He won't stay seated in the tub.
He'll scale a mountain of toys to get to the only dangerous thing in a 11 x 11 foot room.
He will jump and flail about on the changing table if you have the audacity to attempt to clean his ass.
He will scream, arch his back and missile launch the sippy cup at you if you dare to offer him milk at the wrong moment- when he isn't interested.
Yesterday, he teased me all morning by refusing to acknowledge me. He screeched when I tried to touch him or pick him up. He reached, cried and whined only wanting Katy to hold him.

Last night, after almost giving himself a concussion in the tub and throwing a hissy fit because I wouldn't let him play with the drain or the hot water faucet, he screaming all the way thru the injustice of having to get changed into soft, cotton pajamas. When I was just-about-ALL-DONE with his nonsense, he sucked down a bottle, whimpered in contentment, and waved good night to the animals in his room...

He only let's us see him wave if we've been really, really good...
It's another example of how he has us by the (non-existent) balls,
but it's adorable.

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