Thursday, September 11, 2008


It's nearly 11pm and I am wiped out.

I haven't blogged in a bit because I've been reading a lot: Blogs, magazines, papers, and I've read 6 books since vacation. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I am a serious reader, often reading 3 or 4 books at a time and since the baby was born, i've found it difficult to focus or care about books... Don't get me wrong, I'm not reading anything too heavy, but it's all I can do to get my part of the family chores done, try to watch my bff, Rachel Maddow, during the first week of her new show, and "rush" back to a few pages of my book(s) before I fall asleep.

This week has been silly nuts.

Last weekend was a rain-out... 3 parties all canceled for hurricane residuals that never really arrived. Katy and I worked hard around the house, cleaning dresser drawers and organizing the attic; and we enjoyed the boy. He is very into hugging and laughing right now, when he is not biting, poking eyes, throwing food, yelling nonsensical words, and whining to get his (I'm-not-at-all-clear-whatthefuck-you-are trying-to-say) point across.

Tuesday brought a call from day care: "He's been screaming for an hour, tugging on his right ear, inconsolable, not at all like him..." Oh, that again?

Katy picked him up and brought him for an ear check. Yes, fluid. Yes bulging of the eardrum. But let's wait 48 hours and see what happens without antibiotics.

FINE with the mommies! We hate the 10 days of pink shit getting spit back out at us twice a day.

I brought JB back today and Dr. Filibuster (he's super friendly and kind but talks a lot) was happy we held off for now: Left ear much better. Right ear still with some fluid that seems to be getting a little more viscous, but improved from tuesday... blah, blah, blah.

You would never know that jb is "sick". There is no fever and only a slight decrease in his happy-dude-persona. Except there is the crying at night thing... For the last week or so, he's been waking a few times a night crying. Not waking and then crying, but just crying. Crying in his sleep, or crying so hard that he wakes himself. What is it? Pain? gas? teeth? ears? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CRYING YOURSELF AWAKE TWICE A NIGHT?!?

Oh, sorry for the outburst, but I think these mid-night crying jags are contributing to the eggs-zosted-ness I am feeling.

A few more things that need more time than I am willing to put into them right now:

1) Sarah Palin - wtf?

2) We have decided to put our house on the market and move to Mid-point, town of my childhood. The decision making process went something like this:
K: If you are this stressed at your job, maybe you should look for a new one.
K: When are you going to start looking for a new job? I'm sick of all of this driving and you leaving the house at 7am never getting home before 6 or 7pm.
T: I can't decide if I hate my job or I hate the commute...
K: Why don't you change both?
T: I can't wait for vacation...
Last week
K: You need to quit your job and find one closer to home.
T: I'm not going to quit my job. It's a good job, I don't know what else I might want to do. I'm comfortable and have gained enough tenure and credibility to tinker with my schedule if I need-
K: Okay, then we are moving to Mid-point. This situation is no longer acceptable.
T: (thinking she means move maybe next spring) okay, sounds good.

Katy opens the hall closet and a realtor falls out, dropping the glass she had sandwiched between her ear and the door, and picking up a sign to plant in the front yard...

This is only a slight exaggeration. The house isn't listed, but my wife has made up her mind and our friends who are a mortgage broker and a realtor are involved. We have a little work to do this weekend on our house and we have already started looking at places to buy which is probably a mistake b/c it is not a great idea to risk "falling in love" with a place that might be gone before you can even place a bid (because your house is not even listed.) More on that as it develops...

3) Our yard-obsessed neighbors have been mowing our lawn for the last 4 weeks- ask me about it... The story is hilarity...

4) 15 minutes of fame- extended remix... Tonight we were interviewed by a crew that work for some Italian news show. I don't' know the name, but it is (allegedly) the "20/20 of Italy." They have a 15 minute segment about some aspect of American culture, and this week it's "the gays" and our marriage problems... They tracked us down after reading about us in the NYT. It was kind of different from the documentary. There were strangers in our house, big lights in our living room, extension cords running to various rooms, body mics, etc.
They were very nice and we think it went well... Will give more info when we have it.

5) Ellen and Portia. Since we are talking about marriage, I have a confession to make... Last night, (when maybe I should have been posting, or sleeping) I wrote an email to Ellen DeGeneres- thanking her for her humble, generous willingness to be out and open at various stages of her life. Unlike many celebrities, or celebrities, I believe this woman has done more to change the world and make "our people" safe and more accepted than any civil rights legislation could. I mean, look at this video:

Is there anything that seems as sweet and normal and healthy as these two getting hitched?
I love her! More, really, I admire her and feel indebted to her... She's used her fame as an opportunity to be honest and unapologetic, without taking herself too seriously.


dl004d said...

Okay, that's what we call burying the lede!

You waited 12 paragraphs before mentioning an impending move from West Hartford?! Not that your book-reading pace isn't in itself quite interesting, but can we get back to the moving thing?

I wholeheartedly support efforts to reduce commutes. Yay for change we can believe in.

Tracy said...

I am not a journalist or a mouth piece for clean coal. My readers expect mandatory languishing in long-winded, inane commentary before being treated to something interesting, remarkable, or useful.

Besides, there are several people who are not too thrilled about the move and I was hoping they'd be asleep before they got to paragraph 12...

Grand Marnier said...

You know that the impending move lessens our chances of moving to West Hartford now, right?

Also, does this mean that we can't have late-night poker parties at your house in October?

Tracy said...

There will be late night poker in October wherever we are living.

Anonymous said...

Totally unrelated to the move; I feel like a tool because the clip of Ellen and Portia actually made me cry. I'm such a sap.
a (-:

Tracy said...

I don't think you should feel like a fool just because you love the gays.