Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

I'm glad I wrote that whole thing about how I don't only vote for the gays.

So this is a great day for the country and dems, and Obama supporters, but if you were wondering what happened to the gays yesterday, things didn't go so good.

Sure here in CT, all went well. Question one sunk solidly, 39% voting, to amend the constitution, and 61% saying, "Leave the constitution alone."
In California, Prop 8 is still undecided, but it looks to be going yes- which means that the over 14,000 same sex couples that were married in the last year are going to be in legal limbo (in the best case scenario) and stripped of their marital status in the worst. By the way, yesterday Californians voted on 12 proposed ballot measures.

So, civil rights being decided by referendum? Not such a good system.

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