Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Si se puede

We are going to bed.
We are so tired.
We are so relieved and proud.
I am moved.
I am excited to see the new first family move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Good night and peace.


suburban dyke said...

Let’s fight back on Proposition 8. Let’s boycott California wines, produce and travel. Let’s publicize it. Let’s embarrass them. It worked a few years ago in Colorado. What do say?

bobbi said...

T, I read it all and you rock dude!
I'm currently having an e-mail debate with people at my UU church and the Rev. about whether to actually use the words "gay & lesbian" in the ads they want to post encouraging gay & lesbians to have their weddings at our sanctuary! Duh, you say?? YEAHHH!So I ranted at them (tactfully) and they still don't seem to get it.(and this is a UU congrgation?)One of the e-mails actually said if they used those words it might scare away straight couples...OH NOW I SEE, they should have clarified that earlier for problem! OH CRAP!
Take Care, Love, Bobbi