Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nick names and defending cousins

We were at my mom's last night as she had brought both Mac and JB home from school.
First there was the story that Nana and Papa witnessed Mackenzie "defending" Jake's honor.
Apparently, Bryce had taken a toy from JB and Mac told him "No, Jacob was playing with that, Bryce. You give that back to Jacob." Then some pulling and shoving ensued that got Bryce put into a timeout while Jake when off looking for a replacement toy.

Then I overhear a conversation between katy and Mackenzie.
K: Mackenzie, I don't have a nick name, you should help me get one.
M: yeah.
K: Do you know what a nick name is?
M: (silence)
K: What is your nick name?
M: Mackenzie B- XXX (using all three names)
K: No, that's your full name, what's your nick name?
M: (silence) heh
K: what do we sometimes call you?
M: (silence)
tt: Do we sometimes call you MacMac?
K: do we sometimes call you Mac?
M: My mommy sometimes calls me Mac Attack.
K: YES!!! THAT'S YOUR NICK NAME... What is Cameron's nickname?
M: Cameron P- XXX (using all three names)
K: That's her full name. But what do we sometimes call her?
M: (silence)
K: Is it Cam?
tt: or do we call her CamCam?
M: Or we call her Cam-a-licious.
tt and K: YES!!!
K: Yes, everyone has a nickname. tt's name is tracy, but we call her tt. Nana's name is nancy, but we call her Nana. Papa's name is Brian, but we call him Papa. But I don't have a nick name. What's my nick name? Will you give me one?
M: Your name is KT, Katy... Don't you know your name?

(true cuteness)

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