Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good tidings

Just had a really action-packed, gift-filled, kind of exhausting, amazing 40 hours.

Had to work until 3p on Christmas eve, traveled no less than 130 miles crisscrossing the state to get to various locals on Wednesday. At each stop, we had beautiful friends, a little nosh (food) and received more love and gifts than believable or necessary.

Today, was action packed from the 5:30 wake up call at my sister and BIL's house. We held the kids off until nana, papa, and grandma bella arrived, and then unwrapped for hours. Again, I would have been content with the food and the company, but was treated to a lot of good loot too.

Later, I tried several times to get JB to nap- unsuccessful. We sent Katy off to visit with our friends Adam and Kate (Adam is in the hospital in the Bronx). And got to round up the night with a visit with old peeps from the town of Midpoint (thanks for being such huge GSO fans and coming to see us after all your hours of travel today.

I feel very blessed...

And I am about to feel the cool sheets against my face and my arms wrapped tightly around my warm wife's body.

Comfort and Joy to all of you out there on the Internets.
And Merry Christmas!

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