Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sugar for dinner

I chose chocolate for dinner this evening.

It is well known among my family and friends that left to my own devices, nothing more complex than candy and bread would ever provide sustenance for me if it weren't for my family and friends. Tracy has long been in charge of my food. Before that there was a 4 year snafoo (college). And before that my mom was head honcho.

Tonight JB and Tracy went to Nana's to get food and try and flush out an ear (M's, not JB's). So, I came home (bags of healthy groceries in hand mind you) and proceeded to eat chocolate for dinner. I also got stuck watching adorable videos of friends' kids from the West Coast. Needless to say, I haven't quite made it to the protein part of dinner. It's 7pm.

Tracy just called from the road, and for no reason was annoying the hell out of me. She knew it and I knew it but we were tolerating each other just fine. I kept missing what she was saying because there was an overwhelming and loud voice in my head saying GO GET THOSE EXTRA CHOCOLATES.

We hung up and not 2 seconds later the phone rang again. "Honey, what did you have for dinner?"

Ummmm... lie? probably not a good idea. She's like Santa: she KNOWS.


"Right. OK. Can you please go eat something else. Perhaps something with protein in it? Or at least, PLEASE, a more complex carbohydrate?"

I was going to, I swear. But then I thought it would be more interesting to post this story. I think maybe the chocolate covered peanuts next. It's protein, right?

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