Friday, December 19, 2008


We got our first big storm of '08-'09.

So far about 8 inches of fluffy soft snow. Went out with JB in full gear for a few minutes. He liked it about as much as he liked the beach this year - we think he's not that much into change or "new things." I shoveled for about an hour to try and get ahead of it. While I was out there, it snowed literally 2 inches (2" on the part of the driveway that I started with when I called it quits.) It's supposed to go until about 3am. It's a nice one- enough to cover everything and keep people home. It was nicer for me b/c I didn't have to commute.
Can't beat that.

I made cheese tonight. Queso blanco and whole milk ricotta. We went here and learned how. I can see making a lot of cheese if you have extra milk from the cows, but it's kind of labor intensive to just transform the milk into cheese when you can just buy the cheese the same place you buy the milk. That having been said, there's something also good about buying local milk and making cheese at home- not using up the gas and energy to refrigerate and transport it, knowing the ingredients and that it's not full of a bunch of stuff we don't need, making it with love in your heart and an intention to feed your family "real" food, and then serving it up for the week to your boo and your boo-boo.

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