Saturday, April 11, 2009

19 month newletter- never makes it out of DRAFT form


You are repeating everything!
You are counting...
You are reciting your A-B-Cs...

You are a snuggle bug and like having your feet tickled and played with. "More" you always say.

Our biggest battle lately is your whining.
You are all "" Even when you mean "yes"... you definately have trouble making up your mind.

You can see trucks a mile down the road on both sides of the highway.
"Truck"... you shout and then, "Another one!"

You finally get it that I am "Mommy" and Mama is "Mama" and now you sometimes call us the wrong names sometimes on purpose. You grin and see if we will laugh and tell you how silly you are. (Which we do.)

You are a peculiar little dude when it comes to things unexpectedly freaking you out. When you got vaccinated at the doctor's office this month, you didn't say much until we got home and you saw the green, round, snoopy band-aids on your thighs... You jumped away like they were snakes, except they were attached to you and you were screaming and slapping at them like they were attacking you. When I tried to get to you to get them off, you kept pushing me away. I had to practically pin you down to get them off. It was heartbreaking, but it also was pretty funny. I wanted to be like, "CHILL OUT, Little dude!!!"

We love you!

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