Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heat wave

I think it should be mandatory every year in New England that the last weekend in April is sunny and 85 degrees outside. Two days of heat gives you the option to spend the weekend, cleaning up your yard and mowing, and weeding and planting. You can fire up your yard tools, make sure your summer clothes are clean and still fit, work with your muscles, and get a little sunburn on your nose, arms and the back of your neck. Then, come Monday, you can go back to the spring weather for several weeks, but have tasted a little of the sweat of summer after the arduously uncomfortable winter.

The grannies are in town. Let the gardening and pruning and mulching begin. JB is super cute and has begged for them to come "save him" during at least three diaper changes (his new 'least favorite' thing) and a few other battles of wits.

Our house looks great which is good b/c we had a "good showing" this weekend and the couple is coming back for a "second look" tomorrow. Yes, remember? the house has been on the market since 3 days before the Lehman Brothers went under. We've had 2 open houses, a lot "good feedback" in seven months, but zero offers to buy. We're hoping that yesterday when we planted a garden of sweet peas and proved our loyalty to the property by deciding not to let katy's parents take the roses out of their bed in our front yard and pack them up to store and bring to the next house... that the very act of putting our hearts into staying for the season opens up the universe to a sale.

Things at work continue to be nuts and our friend, IBO (my work wife) is in the hospital trying not to deliver a 24 week-er.

Our 20 week-er is behaving himself. Mama is starting to feel kicking at regular intervals. I have also felt a few baby jolts from the outside. Katy has a developing belly bump and is kind of glow-y.

Our son is saying a lot of words. We think he has over 200 words... but about 108 of them are the word "no". He repeats nearly everything and actually got down and played in the dirt this weekend. (For those of you that don't know him, this is very unlike Mr. Clean.) He saw a lot of animals that he's only heard about in books this weekend too: worms, squirrels, bunnies, flies, mosquitoes, ants, spiders... as well as the old favorites- birds and puppies. Really cute pictures of JB in the yard and my pregnant wife to follow.

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