Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Some more gays got it

After today, there are 4 states in the union where same sex couples can get legally married. To be clear, same sex couples are getting married in every state of the union, but it is only legally recognized in 4 states: MA, CT, IA, and VT.

Last Friday, the Supreme court in Iowa ruled that limiting marriage to heterosexuals was unconstitutional.

Today, both houses of the Vermont legislature summonsed the 2/3rds majority required to override Republican Governor, Jim Douglas' veto of the bill yesterday. Vermont was the first state to enact civil unions 9 years ago, but the 4th state to provide actual "marriage."

Neither Iowa or Vermont has a residency requirement. Meaning that, anyone can go for the day and get married. They take that piece of paper back to their home state and for the vast majority of gay Americans, their new marriage certificate becomes as valid as a 50% off coupon that expired in December of 2008...

Also today, DC voted unanimously to recognize any marriage (including same sex marriages) performed in another state. Unlike the district, however, the federal government does NOT recognize same sex marriages. So all federal rights and protections for married couples including medical benefits, social security, retirement benefits, etc DO NOT APPLY TO same sex marriages... So much for leaving it up to the states.

This week has been a very good week for gay rights. Not only because of the above mentioned strides, but also because of the relative quiet that has surrounded all of these major changes. But still, look at the map which shows where our family is and is not treated equally under the law:

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