Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Genetic predisposition

Yesterday morning i was getting JB out of his PJs and into his clothes.

As I pulled his feet out of his sleeper, I held the left one in my hand and gently stroked the sole with the tip of my forefinger for a few minutes, then I kissed the bottom of his foot.

He's a moderately cuddly kid. He's more than willing to hug and kiss us when we ask, and likes to put his head on our shoulders when he's tired, but he's a fidgety kid and not one to sit still for more than 2 dozen seconds unless he is asleep.

So after I kiss the bottom of his foot, I smile at him and he signs: "more". So I lift his foot back up and start stroking it again for maybe 2 minutes, a light touch, almost tickling... the entire time I'm doing this, he is totally still and quiet... *kiss*.
JB: (signing) More.

I called katy in so she can witness the cuteness and while I repeat the stroking, he's perfectly still. After my third kiss, he starts wiggling (which I expected, much sooner.) He wiggles and rolls over and nuzzles into child's pose. Since he is wearing only a diaper, he rounds his back and kind of wiggles it at me. I look at katy and we laugh silently. As i answer his not so subtle invitation and start to lightly stroke/tickle his back, his wiggling ceases, and katy cracks up...

She's seen this request before.
Many times.
But I've never done it wearing only a diaper...

Katy (to me): "I guess I should stop holding it against you if this type of begging for a back scratch is innate and seemingly genetic."

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