Sunday, January 27, 2008

Aunt Flo

Well, my "monthly package" arrived... almost a year to the day that I conceived.

I know this might be a sporadic (not monthly occurrence) but I was practically guaranteed by Le Leche League (in the manner that a door-to-door Mormon promises salvation) that I wouldn't bleed again until I stopped breastfeeding... Most empty promises will not be discovered until you put all your faith in the wrong lobbying power.

My period came without the usual warning signals and with vague, minor (no need for OTC analgesia) cramping, when I was used to 3 Motr.n every 4 hours type pain; but it is dark and bloody and a REAL period, not some weak-assed, maybe-it-is-maybe-it-isn't type show.

What's the deal with this? I would think nothing of it except that my milk production seems to have slowed down too and I'm wondering if now-when it's time to start pumping to keep the kid alive in day care- I'm going to start to have "supply issues." I'm mostly concerned about this because I (pronoun "I" underlined twice and in CAPS) want to get to decide when we are done breastfeeding... I don't want my body to get to "tire out" or whatever. I understand that we don't always get what we want but sometimes we get what we need, but I am proceeding cautiously here because while a part of me is ready to be done with the tittie feeds, I can feel a part of me might fall apart a little if this decision is taken away from me. And frankly, I'm not that used to feeling like I need to be in total control (I leave that to many of the other women in my life.)

Kt says: "Maybe it's your body's way of telling you it's time to get pregnant again..."
Right. Appreciate that.

If this continues on a monthly basis, it is going to effect our bottom line. Our fiscal bottom line: we have been enjoying the decreases in monthly costs associated with my lack of tampon use and JB's lack of formula consumption.

And this, my friends, is why we have a "too much information" label!!!

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Anonymous said...

Blog stalker here. I hesitate to write this comment, because you will think that my only response to anything you say is, OMG, ME TOOOOO!!! I just love babies and can't help it. That same thing happened to me. I remember having supply issues after the first period and when back to work. I remember crying and screaming at and cursing my breasts for not doing their job (i wish i was just saying that and it didn't really happen). So my advice to you (because i know so very little), is not to stress about it. Formula's not so bad. When i finally made the switch to formula during the day and boobies in the morning and at night with minimal pumping during the day, everyone invovled was much, much happier.
stalkingly yours,