Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Today, Cam-Cam who was a little under the weather came to visit with her cousin and me. We had a nice day, and I got some serious cuddle time with the little girl who is so often content to chill and watch a room full of activity in a bouncy seat.

There was a little more crying than I am used to; and I give serious props to the parents and primary care takers of twins. I mean doing that back and forth from baby to baby, for a day here and there is one thing, but... day in and day out: Making sure that you are paying the right kind of attention to both simultaneously and appropriately prioritizing different kinds of cries and needs... that's a ton of mental and emotional work.

I'm glad Web and I dodged a bullet and neither one of us had twins this time around, because I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle 3 infant cuties at once!

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