Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A few things

1. We had a lovely visit from the womb whisperer and her luvahh this weekend. We ate yummies and went to bed early.

2. JB is in number 3 pam.pers now... it is a kind of inconsequential reminder of how he is already growing up... I don't think I would be sad about this at all except as some of you may know, the pam.pers have little sesame street characters on the waistband. On number ones, big bird, elmo, ernie, and bert, etc are babies. On size two they are "toddler-looking" and on size three, they practically look like themselves. I am opposed to this type of "rapid-aging" of the characters. When I see the JB's new diapers, I cringe- these kids are all growzed up ("F").

3. The boy got another ear infection last week. This time in his left ear. He is on day 7 of his second 10-day course of antibiotics. He is doing well, but his appetite is markedly diminished. The crying, sad, feverish first few days last week were followed by a few days of puking. He was good at developing a warning system: a weird outcry, followed by a fake-sounding cough, and an abbreviated gurgle immediately proceeded projectile splatter. Web was christened last Friday when she baby sat in the morning, and at church on Sunday there was actually a splashing sound when about 40cc of swallow hit the floor. mmm... tasty. I don't know if the antibiotics or the mucus are throwing his GI tract for a loop, but yesterday at school, he required a full costume change. They sent him home with 2 crap-filled shirts, a pair of socks, pants, a soiled sheet, and a story that alleged it took 3 staff members to stage the clean-up.

4. My gram turned 84 last week and we attended a big bash for her. At that time, I saw Mac place an order for the first time. It went something like:

Waitress: (clearing the table)
Papa: Can I please have a coke?
Waitress: Of course. Can I get anything else for anyone at this time?
(silence) Waitress turns to walk away
Mac: (calling after her) I have some milk too...

I'm not going to lie, this kid stuns me. She's two! No one else ordered milk. No one asked if she wanted anything to drink... In this 45 second exchange she was paying enough attention to know that beverage orders were being placed. Ridiccockulous.

5. I am all tuckered out. My wife is being patient and supportive beyond the call of duty. We went to bed at 8:45 last night and I'm in bed as soon as I hit publish here. The events at work last week might be having their cumulative effect. I can't say I don't like my job because I do, but I'm back to daily headaches. I'm back to decreased milk production. I had to terminate an employee yesterday and there is a never-ending list of other "issues" that we are dealing with. blah. blah. blah.

6. My kid gets cuter every day... seriously. He's awesome.

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