Thursday, April 03, 2008

missing my blogging life

So, sadly, I still do not have the 6th month newsletter completed.

It is effecting me emotionally, b/c it is symbolic of all of the things I am "not on top of" right now. Also, the newletter is like a monkey on my back and I can't seem to blog about all the "little things" because that bigger thing is in the way...

(I'm so weird.)

Our house (though filled brimming to the top with love, laughter, sweetness, and general contentment) is by all rational standards filthy in need of some scrubbing.

The baby is sleeping thru the night (sort of) ... Well, waking up once or twice, but going back to sleep without being fed in the middle of the night.

Work for me is heartbreaking. (Surprisingly) It's not because I wish I wasn't working at all. I actually like getting out of the house, and I think that he gets more love and appreciation from me when I see him now (How that's possible, I don't know, as I was loving and appreciating the living crap out of him during my maternity leave.) But because my work seems insurmountable in the "catch up" and because the wave of demands that was kept at bay for a few weeks has crashed over on top of me. I am so disorganized that I want to throw up at several points during the day. Plus, well there's a lot more that I just can't go into...

Due to this work "crisis," the difficulty I am having finding time to pump, and (possibly) the few doses of pseudephed I took earlier in the week my milk production has decreased to 1/2 of the amount I was producing a week ago... We have gone thru our extra/frozen supply and I am back to squeezing out a few ounces in the AM to give the boy what he will need to get through work camp day care. It is fine. But a tiny bit stressful.

Though I should be working all weekend long to try and do some of the billions of things I didn't get to work on this week, I can not wait for the 2 days with my boy and my girl, and I doubt that I will come into the office at all.

On the bright side, katy's women's bball brackets are in good shape. She created 5 versions on line and in one of them, she is ranked 206 out of over 100,000 people... The only problem is, she bet against Uconn in the final game where she surmised LSU would win the championship... WTF.

Her defense is logical: "I couldn't have Uconn winning in every one of my brackets..."
but can you imagine the shit storm if I had bet against Smith?!?


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Teri said...

We all know the feeling about too much to do and not enough time to do it. You are doing great with Jake, with breast feeding, with the blog. The monthly post cannot continue until he is 18. Maybe 6 months is the time for the monthly newsletter to become the every other month newsletter, then at a year it becomes quarerly. Then at two it becomes more of a semi-annual blog. I am a problem solver :-) too bad my baby books are about 1 year behind!