Thursday, April 24, 2008


Last night was our first softball practice... My first since 2006 as I did not play at all when I was pregnant. It was the perfect night weather-wise and felt good to get out there! The soreness this am feels good.

I've mentioned the team here and here, and here. I've played on this team for many, many (too many to mention years)... And yet, yesterday was the first time I ever remember taking an infield practice. Some of players have decided they are too old and should "retire to the sidelines." This saddens me a little but coincides perfectly with our family's recent need for field-side child care.

Also, my sister has joined Kt and me on the team. Yesterday's practice marks the 2nd time in her life Web has grabbed a glove and taken the field. The 1st was when i was in jr high school and we only had 8 players. Her 7 inning stint in right field prevented a forfeit.

I was proud of her last night. She hit decent, laughed at herself, and I could tell she spent 80-90% of the practice mentally calculating her personal "improvement strategy."

I love summer-time.

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C-LO said...

"I looooooooooooooove summer-time" was cackled by a toothless geriatric fella at Shaw's Supermarket after he checked out my hot gf who was in a tank top and shorts.

I looooooooooove summertime too. lol