Thursday, June 26, 2008

Because i'm trying to be a good employee...

The blog suffers...

But I think we can all agree that having to see that last post hanging up there is a little more than pathetic. Poor JB and his constipation what kind of f'ed up mother am I???

We are doing well. Work is mind numbing and boring and still overwhelming. But spending the mornings and evenings with our kid is awesome. There is so much to do and pay attention to (in terms of making sure he has what he needs for the day, and keeping him fed and watered.) Katy and I are still having the issue of not communicating clearly about division of labor where our son is concerned. That results in both of us "planning" on doing everything. I'm running around trying to get his bottles together and Kt has already done it... I've packed his bibs for day care and Kt is trying to figure out where all the clean bibs went. It is a harder lesson than it should be to have a chat and "make a plan" instead of each of us making a "mental plan" that we don't share with the other.

I'm on point though, b/c the little woman is going south for a conference and JB and I are on our own for about 5 days... it should be interesting.

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